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From Above

“You’ve never seen space like this. This short film gives an inside look at how NASA Astronaut Don Pettit captures breathtaking images of Earth’s most famous phenomena – aurora, star trails, city lights, and more – from the inside the International Space Station”

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View from Above

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ATV-5 last preparations

This timelapse video shows ATV Georges LemaƮtre during preparation in the Final Assembly Building and integration on its Ariane 5 launcher before transfer to the launchpad

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Beam Video from Space

The Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science will beam video via laser from the International Space Station back to Earth. Here is animation showing how the technology works, with an explanation from the OPALS mission manager, Matt Abrahamson of JPL, plus the video NASA slated for OPALS’ first official transmission

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The World Outside My Window

Well, not exactly my window but… what an amazing video! This is the only thing I can say about it. Basically it is a montage of time-lapse photography (David Peterson is the editor) from the International Space Station (ISS) that collected from many expeditions. The music fits perfectly the theme and if you are wondering about the song then have a look at the “Fill My Heart” by the “Two Steps from Hell” (many more amazing songs in this album)

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Robonaut: The future is here

Robonaut is a humanoid robotic development project of NASA. It in not something new but I just happened to cross this picture while I was surfing the web, searching for a robot related stuff! The core idea behind this project is to have a humanoid machine work alongside astronauts. Its form factor and dexterity are designed such that Robonaut can use space tools and work in similar environments suited to astronauts. This photo is from inside the International Space Station (ISS) that is orbiting the earth for years now. The colours and brightness are a little bit off but it was better to post the original shot without photoshop magic

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Controlling the ISS

How do you control the International Space Station, a ship the size of five hockey rinks? And from where? CSA Astronaut Chris Hadfield answers these questions from inside the heart of the matter

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