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Draw me a watch

This is the Hublot MP-05 watch. It’s also know as the LaFerrari watch as it is designed specifically and inspired by the latest Ferrari hyper car. You can find multiple picture of this engineering masterpiece but the ones I am uploading here are a little bit more… rare. Ok, I am not saying that you can’t find those online… I am just saying that 95% of the photos are showing just the actual watch.

But there is still so much perfection and inspiration from just those lines on a paper. Somehow those drawings are looking wonderful to me! It’s the step just after the lonely time of imagination. The thoughts of the designer that are translated to real objects through the drawing on the paper.

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Hublot and Ferrari

It is not the first time that Hublot and Ferrari are joining their forces to produce nice concept – limited edition watches. Hublot designed couple of these masterpieces over the last years and every one of them are pieces that demand admiration. This one is inspired from the latest Ferrari hyper-car, LaFerrari (an amazing car with the stupidest name ever). It is not the most beautiful nor has the prestige of the previous ones but for sure is the most mechanical complicated of them all!

It is 100% designed, developed and produced by the Hublot Manufacture engineers and watchmakers of this well known Swiss company. Only 50 will produced. It is made from 637 individual parts, the black coating is made for titanium and because of the tourbillion mechanism the look is like a V shaped car engine.

At least the photos is food for the eye! Otherwise, the watch probably will have a market value comparable with the car is inspired from. And that means a lot…

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Ferrari F150: LaFerrari

This is the new limited edition special series car from Ferrari! Developed under the codename F150. Just today we have the first pictures and videos of the actual car from the Geneva International Motor Show of 2013. It looks amazing both from the inside and the outside. The official name “LaFerrari” sounds a little bit strange. The Prancing Horse company describing it as “The Most Powerful HyperFerrari” and it truly is!

And this video is something like a teaser from the development process to the placing of the Ferrari badge (something that is happening after the full handmade assembly). They are going to make 499 cars and they are already sold-out according to Fiat’s CEO Sergio Marchionne!

Check as well the official web page (beautifully made with lot of information and interactive content) of the car here. So, what do you thing? Do you like it?

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