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A ride with the Typhoon

This is a film originally produced for the Science Museum of London. Experience the thrills of flying backseat in the RAF’s Typhoon frontline jet fighter. This film features highlights of an ultra-low level mission over the stunning scenery of the Lake District and the Welsh valleys.

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Lady in Red

Isn’t it beautiful? It is just the very front of the car and still the picture captures almost everything about it! Aluminium, carbon fibber together with the most sexy colour on the planet!

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The Makers of Things

Anne Hollowday is a Director and Producer based in London. She works on a range of commercial and independent film projects, specialising in documentary. And for sure she produces amazing videos! Is the Maker of The Makers of Things short film series and here is a spanshop of what she is saying: “The Makers of Things is her first short collection.”The Makers of Things documents the work and workshops of the Society for Model and Experimental Engineers, a sprawling organisation with members all over the world. Their common tools and methods mask a huge array of interests and skills, from experimental tinkerers to woodworkers and librarians, all brought together under the roof of their South London headquarters”. I really love the video above, titled as The Problem Solver and the The Woodworker as well

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