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SpaceX: Falcon Heavy


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The Martian

Somehow I like the first trailer more! But this is still amazing!

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50 Years of Mars Exploration

2015 marks 50 years of successful NASA missions to Mars starting with Mariner 4 in 1965. Since then, a total of 15 robotic missions led by various NASA centers have laid the groundwork for future human missions to the Red Planet. The journey to Mars continues with additional robotic missions planned for 2016 and 2020, and human missions in the 2030s

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Boeing: 38 Stories of Power

World’s biggest rocket. How would you feel about going to Mars? Or maybe an asteroid? Take a ride on the new SLS built by Boeing and ignite your human spirit

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How to test a parachute: The NASA way

The road to Mars is getting hotter and hotter over the years. The only possible way, for now, in order to loose the enormous amount of kinetic energy and to land safely on the surface or the red planet is to use a parachute. Well, they are making the use of a set of thrusters but this is just before the final step. The problem is that the spacecrafts are constantly getting larger and heavier and the parachute should follow this trend as well. And by getting larger the common testing techniques are getting obsolete! So, NASA figure out a new testing method! To find out more… watch the video!

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We have Ignition

This a Virgin Galactic’s NewtonOne rocket engine that fires during a test. Those enginees have been designed for use on Virgin Galactic’s two-stage LauncherOne rocket. It is destined to carry satellites into orbit from the WhiteKnightTwo carrier airplane starting as early as 2016

In the above photo, propulsion engineer Robyn Ringuette shows off models of the NewtonTwo and NewtonOne engines at a Virgin Galactic production facility in Mojave, Calif

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One Year on Mars

I remember the day like it was yesterday, when I woke up early in the morning (at least at my time zone) to watch live (yes, it was the regular suspect: Ustream) the landing of Curiosity rover at the surface of Mars! A year has passed and now Jet Propulsion Laboratory remembers the best moments of the story so far! It is a remarkable achievement! Hope, for more projects like this one! And remember… all of those are just the first small pieces of the puzzle for putting our footprints to Mars

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Latest Curiosity image

After a series of photos taken from NASAs Curiosity and the assemble procedure here in Earth we have this vivid self-portrait of the rover. And the backdrop… a martian mountain!

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Is Mars Red Hot?

Yet another JPL educational time directly from Pasadena – California! This time the 60 second video, talks about the temperatures on Mars and the differences between our own planet. So, what would it feel like if you could stand on Mars… toasty warm, or downright chilly? The answer may surprise you!

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Roving Mars

Here is a National Geographic documentary that tells the story of JPLs latest rover, MSL (Mars Science Laboratory) or Curiosity as it is more commonly known. It is a five year production of Emmy winner Mark Davis and as he says: “The work these people do and the way they handle pressure is the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen. It’s been a privilege to watch it happen it from the inside”.

And the bonus video for today is a old Walt Disney Pictures documentary (together with Lockheed Martin) about the previous twin Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity. I’ve watched this video back in 2006 and it was a huge push at my engineering passion. It make me work harder (even more than before) and hopping for a future career into Aerospace industry ;)

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