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Can you believe that is made of paper

Yes, I will say it again! Can you believe that this is made entirely from paper? Not some specially kind of paper with unique capabilities but ordinary day to day paper from cardboard boxes, empty cereals, biscuit wrappers and other stuffs from the trash can!

And who is the creator? Paul Bischof, a UK-based modelmaker and Formula 1 enthusiast! He painstakingly builds scale model race cars mainly on 1/10th scale. And he details everything. Not only the exterior and the parts someone will see. From oil pumps in the engine to straps in the bucket seats and electrical cable running across the body of the car. One of his scale models can be composed of over 6,000 pieces of paper!

Now, he works for the real Red Bull Racing, designing components for actual Formula 1 cars. He deserves it to be there… and probably to even greater places! You can see more of his model work at his blog

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Photography and Cars equals Art

I am not an Art kind of person. I can appreciate some parts of it and I can admire some other parts but you will never find me spending time in museums and art galleries! I know that some of you are going to tell me that I am not into art because I can’t understand it but this is another story. So, why this monolog? because I happened to cross those pictures on the net the other day!

Those are from the Fabian Oefner, a famous photographer/artist (more like a photographer only) that combines science and art, mixes everything with his professional eye and captures the perfect moment though his lens. The result is quite spectacular and is probably something that will get appreciation from everyone out there. Not only the art king of people.

You can find those at the MB&F MAD Gallery on Geneva – Switcherland (or Swiss if you prefer it like that) under the name Disintegrating” and “Hatch. And if you are wondering how he made those. Well, the concept is simple but it can easily fool the eye! Hundreds of photos of model cars and parts supported with needles. Precise captures, fine movements and passion for detail! Have a look here for more info

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Slot car racing

Have you ever played slot car racing? If not then you should tried one day. It reminds me my childhood and the day I’ve received a black circular track with two cars for Christmas. But this one is not so simple. Is an iPad controlled slot car race track made to give the experience of driving through the screen. Audi asked Slot Mods to bring this concept to reality and they did it with remarkably success! In the video, the Slot Mods team talk about the challenges they faced making the track for Audi, like cramming a video cam into a slot car, the little details at the cars and the surrounding nature and the complications of controlling it with an iPad. It’s 15 minutes long but defiantly worth to watch it…

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Aston Martin DBR1

You love to build model cars? If yes then you can choose this one! It is 1:1 model replica (it is static without an engine) of the legendary Aston Martin DBR1 (that was the Le Mans winning car). The car will go to an auction and the price is going to be high! Prepare your wallets

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