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Engine Craftsmanship: An artistic approach

A nice video produced by a gifted photographer! Nice work!

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Renault Energy-F1

The video starts with a quote from Alain Prost: “An engine is the heart of a car, from next year it returns to the heart of our sport”. A quote that fits perfectly this wonderful new advertisement from Renault. It’s all about a new engine with two energy sources, thermic and electric, for a new era of Formula 1 track records.

Honestly, when I’ve watched the news about this engine I was happily surprised that they produced a video like this one. In general those news are supported only by photos and graph charts but not teaser trailers. It is for sure a nice touch and hopefully I will perform good as well

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Ferrari Tailor-Made

This is one of the most expensive tailor-made car program that you can find out there! It is from Ferrari and is well established for years now. You can basically choose what you want (and what your pocket can afford) but there is always a dedicated designer by your side in order to secure that the finished car will look and fit the Ferrari standards of perfection and beauty. Too sad that the video is not in english

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QNX Technology Concept Car

This is a behind-the-scenes look at the QNX technology concept team in action as they take their most recent demo from white board to red carpet. They are not making a new engine or a revolutionary transmission system but a new information – entertainment (or infotainment as they used to call it in the automobile industry) that basically controls everything! Have in mind that QNX is making operating systems, development tools, and professional services or connected embedded systems. The video is also good as a recruitment material that shows the work being made there, as Paul Leroux said

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What Is Open Source Hardware?

Probably you have heard about the open source hardware already. It is and old movement but rebirth again the latest years with the makers and hackers from all over the world. They are making new tools, circuits, projects and they are relishing all the available information to the public, for free! So, you can rebuild, redesign and put your piece of knowledge in everything. This video is officially released by the Open Source Hardware Association describing the attributes of open source hardware. Enjoy…

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How to fool a GPS

What if you could use GPS technology to find your misplaced keys? How about if you could use that same technology to lie about where you were in the world or misdirect cruise ships? Todd Humphreys of the University of Texas at Austin’s Radio Navigation Lab paints a picture of an utterly new future at once worrying and fascinating.

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Def Con: 20 years of hacker evolution

Every year for the last two decades, the information security community has descended upon Las Vegas to trade knowledge, sharpen skills, and challenge authority. As technology becomes ubiquitous, this desert gathering of hackers brings together some of the smartest minds in security — and the government agencies trying to recruit them

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The gadgets of National Geographic

There is nothing National Geographic’s team of intrepid engineers can’t create to get the “shot” from high in the sky or the deepest, darkest oceans. In this casual talk the creators showing their inventions together with the stories originated from the use of their gadgets

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Inside Adam Savage’s Man Cave

Tested takes you inside Adam Savage’s man cave where he keeps amazing movie props and collectibles, as well as works on his own projects. Today, Adam tells the story of his Zorg Industries ZF-1 replica from The Fifth Element, which he’s been working on for over 13 years.

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OS Xbox Video Workblog

The video is slightly more than ten minutes long but it is worth it for the craftsmanship of the final product. It is not the most complicated thing that I’ve seen but probably the best modification so far

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