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Westworld Season 2

The official Super Bowl LII ad for Westworld Season 2

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The Martian

Somehow I like the first trailer more! But this is still amazing!

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Oculus Story Studio

In the beginning there were moving pictures. Then came sound, color, CGI. See the beginning of a new evolution in cinema with Oculus and virtual reality!

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Creating the World of Oblivion

This is a video from “The Creators Project” YouTube channel. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at “Oblivion” movie (2013) and the film’s innovative in-camera special effects with director Joe Kosinski, lead graphics animator David “dlew” Lewandowski, and design director Bradley “Gmunk” Munkowitz. If you haven’t watched the movie then there is no problem at all. Almost zero spoiler alerts!

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Oblivion’s Bubbleship

You’ve already heard about the new movie called Oblivion. There are two trailers out there and today we have a featurette about the Bubbleship. Normally those movie ships and vehicles are made entirely with PCs, stop motion softwares, blue/green rooms and sometimes with scaled models. But this is not the case here. They decided to build an entire ship from scratch just to shoot a few scenes! Sadly the video is not going into details of the build process, design, selection of materials etc. Still it looks nice and shiny. Plus, it is a noteworthy references of what they made and the happiness sourced from the creation process

And in case that you don’t know the movie, above is the first trailer. In theatres: April 19th, 2013

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Return to Base

Ok, here is the fact. I love airplanes and especially the fighter jets! Probably because of that I loved this trailer as well. I’ve never saw a Korean movie before but I am waiting for this one. It is like the Top Gun with more special effects at least it looks like that from the 1:31 length video. So, what is your opinion? “Top Gun”, “Return to Base” or one of my personal favourites “Les chevaliers du ciel” (under the name Sky Fighters in the US market)?

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The gadgets of National Geographic

There is nothing National Geographic’s team of intrepid engineers can’t create to get the “shot” from high in the sky or the deepest, darkest oceans. In this casual talk the creators showing their inventions together with the stories originated from the use of their gadgets

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Les Chevaliers du Ciel

The video footage comes from the French movie Les Chevaliers du Ciel (Sky Fighters) and it features absolutely spectacular footage from fighter planes. The sound clip is Into the Fire from Thirteen Senses

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Quiet Eye

This is a viral video for the new Ridley Scott movie Prometheus. It is nothing special but I am expecting a really good movie! Interesting fact: The video is “transmitted” from Yutani Corporation and in the movie Prometheus (the prequel of Alien) we have only the Wayland Corporation. In the movie Alien the two companies grouped together forming the powerful Weyland – Yutani Corporation. I don’t know why I am writing that but it was an interesting detail for me!
Check more Prometheus videos here: Prometheus at YouTube