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Megafactories: Boeing 747-8

For years Boeing was on of the top commercially oriented plane manufacturing company in the world. The most iconic model of the brand is the 747 and for more than 40 years was the indisputably queen of the air! But recently the crown was lost by the most high tech design out there, the Airbus A380. In this National Geographic documentary (from the Megafactories series) Boeing is trying to decrease the gab and take its crown back with the 747-8

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Koenigsegg: Sweden’s Hypercar

Koenigsegg is a Swedish hyper car manufacturer hidden in the backwoods of Angelholm. They are designing and manufacturing themselves, in an old airbase, some of the most exotic, fast, expensive and rarest vehicles on the planet. Everything are results of a child’s dream. Christian von Koenigsegg dream, wanted to made the best out of limited manufacturing and funding resources

And this is a different view of the same manufacturer. It is from the well known series Megafactories (or Ultimate Factories in some countries) of National Geographic. This is more oriented at the construction process without the face to face conversation with the founder and owner of Koenigsegg. Somehow I really love both of the above video styles. Maybe because both of them include composite materials, gears, speed, engineering, electronics, dexterity and lot of passion!

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Making the Tesla Model S

This is the first post for 2013 and I thought that the best way to start this new year is with a brand new National Geographic – Megafactories episode! This time we have the Tesla Motors and the design/making process of their latest Model S, a car made entirely in the United States. It is an electric vehicle that change the way we think about them and probably will revolutionise the way the electric power is used freely by the drivers

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Making the Pagani Huayra

As the title suggest, this is all about the making of the Pagani Huayra. It is actually not just an ordinary car or even a common super car. It is a masterpiece of design, craftsmanship and engineering combined together to form a work of art (with a touch of the Italian passion). Compared to other competitors at the same class, this is probably the most handmade car of them all!

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Roving Mars

Here is a National Geographic documentary that tells the story of JPLs latest rover, MSL (Mars Science Laboratory) or Curiosity as it is more commonly known. It is a five year production of Emmy winner Mark Davis and as he says: “The work these people do and the way they handle pressure is the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen. It’s been a privilege to watch it happen it from the inside”.

And the bonus video for today is a old Walt Disney Pictures documentary (together with Lockheed Martin) about the previous twin Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity. I’ve watched this video back in 2006 and it was a huge push at my engineering passion. It make me work harder (even more than before) and hopping for a future career into Aerospace industry ;)

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The gadgets of National Geographic

There is nothing National Geographic’s team of intrepid engineers can’t create to get the “shot” from high in the sky or the deepest, darkest oceans. In this casual talk the creators showing their inventions together with the stories originated from the use of their gadgets

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