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Predicting Mount Etna

In collaboration with the University of Mainz, Germany, DJI has completed a ground-breaking mission for volcano research by collecting gas directly from the crater of Italy’s Mount Etna. The scientists, led by volcanologist Prof. Jonathan Castro took innovation in their field to an unprecedented level by using a DJI Inspire 1 with Zenmuse XT thermal camera to detect the crater’s temperature in combination with the DJI Matrice 600 Pro as a frame for a multi-gas measurement box to analyse gas composition and deformation from the air

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Quantum Computing

IBM Q is an industry-first initiative to build commercially available universal quantum computing systems. As part of this effort, The IBM Quantum Experience enables anyone to connect to IBM’s quantum processor via the IBM Cloud, to run algorithms, experiments and to collaboratively explore what might be possible with quantum computing. Jerry Chow, manager of experimental quantum computing for IBM Research, describes the aim of this growing community working together to advance the frontiers of quantum

IBM Q systems will be designed to tackle problems in business and science that are too complex and exponential in nature for classical computing systems to handle. One of the first and most promising applications will be in the area of chemistry. Even for simple molecules like caffeine, the number of quantum states in the molecule can be astoundingly large — so large that all the conventional computing memory and processing power that could ever be built could not model it — and could lead to the discovery of new materials and medicines

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Bees with Backpacks

The bees are dying. By putting micro-sensors on bees and Intel Edison technology in their hives, one of the world’s greatest minds is hoping to save them from extinction

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Wonderful Nature: Ice Bubbles

I love technology, engineering and science! In general all the man made objects out there! It takes lot of effort and intelligence to design and build them. But every now and then, I remember that the nature it above all the craftsmanship of the world combined! From the smallest bit to the universe itself. Yes, this video is just a commercial but illustrates what I want to tell precisely!

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A quick ride

Anyone for a quick ride here?

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Man VS Nature

The fight between the man and his technology and the nature! Sometimes we win but in the end the nature takes revenge… always! It is something like a cosmic constant no matter what!

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