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Perfect Design

Seriously, this is a perfect design!

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HTC Design: Behind the Scenes

A deeper look at the craftsmanship, dedication, and care the HTC design team team puts in to each HTC device…

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Draw me a watch

This is the Hublot MP-05 watch. It’s also know as the LaFerrari watch as it is designed specifically and inspired by the latest Ferrari hyper car. You can find multiple picture of this engineering masterpiece but the ones I am uploading here are a little bit more… rare. Ok, I am not saying that you can’t find those online… I am just saying that 95% of the photos are showing just the actual watch.

But there is still so much perfection and inspiration from just those lines on a paper. Somehow those drawings are looking wonderful to me! It’s the step just after the lonely time of imagination. The thoughts of the designer that are translated to real objects through the drawing on the paper.

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A Commercial to get Inspired

A wonderfully made video from Aston Martin and Bang & Olufsen! The funny thing is that includes multiple items and ideas that I love!

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