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The Magic of Mobile Broadband

Mobile Broadband, powered by Mobile 3G/4G wireless technologies, has revolutionized the way we live, interact, and consume information. This connectivity is as important to mobile user experience as processing power or battery life. It overcomes complex technical challenges to deliver reliable, high-speed connectivity, everywhere we go. It’s like Magic! And at the foundation of this amazing technical achievement are Wireless Fundamentals, all simply explained on the Qualcomm video!

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Phonebloks: A promising concept

Well, this is a very promising concept! As they are saying at the intro: “A phone only lasts a couple of years before it breaks or becomes obsolete. Although it’s often just one part which killed it we throw everything away since it’s almost impossible to repair or upgrade”. They are so true about that but it is mostly the one side of the story. Most users (especially at the smart phone era) they are not waiting their phone to brake in order to bye a new one. They are just consuming more and more just because a newly introduced phone has slightly more memory and better package. Sorry, but this is the ugly truth!

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Meet the new Windows Phone

I am big Apple fun for more than 8 years now. I am not going to lie about that. I love my iPhone and I am using it every day. Actually, it is the phone that put the milestone to change all the other phones as well. But since now the iOS is still the same. Ok, now we have iCloud and one more row for icons but nothing had really changed since the first presentation at 2007. It is a solid and still beautiful OS but it looks extremely old… aged somehow.
On the other hand we have Android. I am not going to start a huge conversation about that now, but in my opinion it is the ugliest mobile OS ever (for many reasons). Starting from the mesh on the start screens and the not consistent UI.
But there is still hope and at least for now this is originated from the least suspicious player. Yes, Microsoft! If you play a little bit with this UI and get familiarised with the concept then it actually works really beautifully. I am not going to say that I will give up my iPhone now. But maybe in the future…

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Nokia N9 Design Story

If you’re trying to find a mobile phone that can compete with the iPhone 4 then the answer is the Nokia N9. I don’t want to hear anything about Android bull shits…

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