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Sukhoi Su-33

This is a Sukhoi Su-33 (reporting under the name Flanker-D for NATO) is an all-weather carrier-based air defence fighter designed by Sukhoi and manufactured. Nothing more to say about this beautifully designed fighter! If you want more info have a look here

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Porsche Carrera 3.2 Teardown

A beautifully made video about… well, a Porsche Carrera 3.2 engine teardown! The colours of the video combined with the time lapse are creating a nice result. All of those ingredients together with old good engine engineering are making a must post result! And if you are interested about the time and effort that it took for this result, then here are a few words from the creators: “We shot about 4000 pictures during three days of disassembly. This resulted in eight minutes of film which we thought to be way too long for the average viewer, so we boiled it down to three minutes and used 1500 pictures. Editing took two days, creating the music and tweaking it to fit the film took another four days. All this happened over the course of three months”

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Fighter Jet Engine Inspection

This is something that you are now seeing every day! It is an engineer inside the tail of a jet fighter engine (an F16 to be accurate). With his flashlight he is inspecting the engine for little cracks and any foreign objects insertion that could harm or even totally destroy the most critical part of the plane

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Red Bull Racing: Rhythm of the Factory

What an amazing video! Perfect motion pictures, perfect sound, perfect concept, perfect colours! It is from Red Bull Racing (originally uploaded on the officially Infiniti YouTube channel) and it shows with a very inspiring, and musical, way how they design and make their Formula 1 racing cars. I liked it a lot because it shows almost everything of what I love! From drawings to CAD design, craftsmanship and model makings, to CNCs and advanced engineering! Simply… I love it!!!

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Magazine Cover Creation

Have you ever wonder how a magazine cover is made? How much time and effort it needs? Peter Belanger, a well known San Francisco based product photographer (Apple, Square, Nike, Pixar are some of his clients), showing us this process through this video. The canvas is an old Macworld cover from the days that iPhone 3GS was the top of the line Apple phone but the process remains same even now that the mobile tech industry had changed a lot

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