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Roborace: First Look

Probably the race of the future!

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Crossing the Desert

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BAC Mono

Make it! Race it! This pretty much describes the video… from start to finish!

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Pitstop of the Reds

It is not from the latest Formula 1 championship but it doesn’t matter at all! No more words about this capture… just enjoy the heat of the moment!

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Made for the track

This is inside the living room or in a fancy garage? For sure I don’t know the answer but the best place for car like this one is on the racing track!

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Ferrari: The birth of the new powertrain

“The season is about to get going. On Friday Scuderia Ferrari will take part in free practice for the first race of the championship. Of special interest in 2014 is the new powertrain, which will be characterised by a 1.6 litre turbo engine assisted by two energy recovery systems, one that takes it from the braking and one that exploits the hot gases coming from the turbo. Ferrari’s sponsor Shell has created a new documentary about the Ferrari power train (numbered 059/3) which had its premiere at an event attended by the Scuderia’s two drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso” -From the official Ferrari YouTube channel

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BAC Mono. Engineering and Art

Are you interested at Bjork music? Yes? No? Personally I am not, but somehow I remember a video clip from her from the song “All is full of Love”. The music is not my style but the video it is. It is showing a robot and little pieces of engineering! So, what these have to do with this post? It is all about a car which get key inspirations from this song video clip

The car is made from BAC and its name is Mono. It looks amazing, it is not like a regular day to day car and I want one! Not only because it can go fast but also because it triggers a part of my brain that still remains a child (interpreted with the good way of course). Even the little pieces of cuts at the carbon fibber body or the half covered engine making the viewing experience even better.

I will not get into mechanical details, top speed characteristics or even the fixed tables that you can find on a regular car magazines. You can find all of those here but even if you read this probably you are like me and you are not a the waiting list for it. But despite that you can still admire/enjoy the video and pictures. It truly is a piece of engineering art that can move around in high speeds

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