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How The Briggs Brothers Made a Supercar

A very truthful interview of the Briggs brothers (Neill and Ian Briggs). The funders and owners of the Briggs Automotive Company, commonly known as BAC. It is a British sports car manufacturing company based in Speke – Liverpool focused to produce specialist sports cars targeted at enthusiasts. For now their only creation is the Mono, a car created around a pure driving experience. Have a look at the interview. It starts from their childhood and goes all the way to the future of the company and the new cars. I love self made people that through hard work and true passion become so successful!

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Engine Rebuild: Project One

Will Urbina became famous on YouTube for his custom made PC cases and computer projects! He is making truly amazing items and almost all of them are hand made with detail close up videos of the process. Another hobby of his is cars. Specifically, the rebuild and modification of the Baja Bug that he owns. In this video (part 2) he reassembles the engine and adds all the peripheral parts before he fit again the power house at the cars engine compartment

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Red Bull Racing: Rhythm of the Factory

What an amazing video! Perfect motion pictures, perfect sound, perfect concept, perfect colours! It is from Red Bull Racing (originally uploaded on the officially Infiniti YouTube channel) and it shows with a very inspiring, and musical, way how they design and make their Formula 1 racing cars. I liked it a lot because it shows almost everything of what I love! From drawings to CAD design, craftsmanship and model makings, to CNCs and advanced engineering! Simply… I love it!!!

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Bruce McLaren: Courage

Literally I don’t know which sentence I want to choose in order to start this paragraph! I want to use this one: “I’m a racing driver, always was, always will´╗┐ be” but somehow my brain is selecting the one before the ending: “What might be seen as a tragic end, was in fact the beginning”. It is a video from McLaren, made for the celebration of their 50th anniversary. It goes back on their past, their beginning of the brand and the tragic end of Bruce McLaren. On the one hand it is a little bit weird for am anniversary video to remember one of your worst seasons but one the other hand you have to look back if you want to go to the future

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