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Skunk Works: Magic

Something magical happens when a group of people unite in the pursuit of a common purpose and challenge what’s thought to be impossible. At the Skunk Works, magic happens every day in the form of technological innovation and thoughtful solutions driven by our customers’ mission

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The Blackbird

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Helping the Future Arrive

From harnessing the waves, to self driving cars… to even endless energy via fusion reactors! I love concept videos!

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Speaking of the Future: Advanced Aeronautics

“The story of aviation has always been the story of people who have the courage to fail, to try again, and to one day succeed. And the passion to advance aeronautical design through innovative solutions is ingrained in our culture”

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Skunk Works

If there is a single place in the world that I really want to work there, then this video has the answer! The combination of high technology, engineering and the secrecy of the projects make my brain point only to this direction. On the other hand if you haven’t work before on a “defence” like company with “secret” (and sometimes “top secret”) projects then you don’t know nothing about how they work there. The work allocation, the creation process and even the time needed for a single small change in something you are working for makes the fairy tale collide under its own perfectly made story. Yes, this is the true answer. The final result that goes out of companies like this one is amazing. No doubt about that. But the creation process on the other hand is not that perfect. Despite the promo videos and the happy faces! True story!

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Pilot Recounts Tales of SR-71 Blackbird

The SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft flew missions around the globe at speeds above Mach 3 and altitudes of 85,000 feet or more. Although its many contributions the true missions and capabilities will never be fully revealed to the public. In this interview with former SR-71 pilot Col. Buzz Carpenter, you’ll hear a first-hand account of the aircraft’s power and majesty

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