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iFixit: The Teardown Team

The most important thing that happens when a new iPhone comes out is not the release of the phone, but the disassembly of it. The iPhone teardown, undertaken by third-party teams around the world, provides a roadmap for the life of the iPhone X: Is it repairable? Who made the components inside it? The answers to these questions shift stock markets, electronics design, and consumer experience

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Galaxy S6 Edge: In-Boxing

Thats an interesting video concept! Generally we have out-boxing videos and teardown of the brand new phones. But this one is exactly the opposite!

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What makes an Engineer

I love cars… their design, the speed, the ride into the open roads! But most of the times I am catching myself enjoying more the internals of them! How they work, how they operate! Why is this piece here and not there? Why they add this component and not the other one that seems better on specs? And almost always this canvas of tubes, springs, metal alloys, electronics and actuators is like an art for me!
And this isn’t happening only with cars. Airplanes, robots, jet engines, electronic equipment… everything! Maybe this makes an engineer! The wonder of how things are operating. How we can make them better. How we can push the boundaries even further!

PS: The photo is from the construction process of the amazing BAC Mono

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Apple Mac Pro

If you haven’t heard the news a couple of months ago Apple released its latest Mac Pro. It is a true power house, no one can disagree about that, but the most revolutionary aspect of it is the design. In this photo we have a top shot of the system without the external aluminium enclosure and the fan. The interesting aspect is that this is the full computer. You don’t need anything more in order to run your latest version of Macintosh. The system is highly upgradable too, despite that this is an Apple product! Engineering at its best!

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Past and Present

Following my previous post about the 30th years of the Macintosh, I thought that it was a good idea to post these pictures. Those are from the ifixit.com, a web site about product repair by users, tear downs, fixes etc. Despite the orientation of this website the photos that produces over the years are spot on for any tech enthusiast out there. You can find the full teardown here

Past, present and I would love to have the picture of the future as well! Can you guess what the next photo will be? Even smaller and faster? Or embedded in our body?

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What’s Inside Microsoft’s Xbox One

Kyle Wiens (from iFixit.com) and Will Smith (no, not the actor the one from Tested.com) teardown the Xbox One for a thorough analysis of the components that make up Microsoft’s latest game console. Kyle walks us through each piece, discussing opportunities for repair and swapping out parts. Don’t expect any hardcore hardware explanation of how things are working and so on. It’s just a small talk over the Xbox One!

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General Electric Meets Google Glass

General Electric works on things that matter. The best people and the best technologies taking on the toughest challenges. Finding solutions in energy, health and home, transportation and finance. Building, powering, moving and curing the world. Not just imagining. Doing. At least those are the words of GE, not mine! But in reality lot of things around us are made, designed or perfected by GE. And this video fits in this category as well! The aviation team demonstrated a non-destructive test on a GE 90 engine with a Glass-enabled crew. This prototype presents an opportunity that is right around the corner and will yield incredible efficiencies in maintenance

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PlayStation 4: Unboxing and Teardown

This is a video from Wired and its all about the PlayStation 4. The latest game console from Sony, in the effort to reclaim its spot at the top of the home gaming world. Sony engineering director Yasuhiro Ootori tears down the PS4 after a quick unboxing. Wired’s author says: “The system is designed under the leadership of Mark Cerny — an American software designer — the PS4 is a machine that is simple yet powerful. The idea was to make it as easy as possible for developers to build games to rival anything on the market. The key to this philosophy is the main processor, which combines a CPU, the brains of a computer, with a GPU, which typically handles graphics. In the teardown, you can see this chip, but also the 8GB of GDDR5 memory, the optical drive, the heat pipes, the centrifugal fan, and whatever else you wanna geek-out on”

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Porsche Carrera 3.2 Teardown

A beautifully made video about… well, a Porsche Carrera 3.2 engine teardown! The colours of the video combined with the time lapse are creating a nice result. All of those ingredients together with old good engine engineering are making a must post result! And if you are interested about the time and effort that it took for this result, then here are a few words from the creators: “We shot about 4000 pictures during three days of disassembly. This resulted in eight minutes of film which we thought to be way too long for the average viewer, so we boiled it down to three minutes and used 1500 pictures. Editing took two days, creating the music and tweaking it to fit the film took another four days. All this happened over the course of three months”

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Engine Rebuild: Project One

Will Urbina became famous on YouTube for his custom made PC cases and computer projects! He is making truly amazing items and almost all of them are hand made with detail close up videos of the process. Another hobby of his is cars. Specifically, the rebuild and modification of the Baja Bug that he owns. In this video (part 2) he reassembles the engine and adds all the peripheral parts before he fit again the power house at the cars engine compartment

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