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Productivity Future Vision

The future through the eyes of Microsoft… “How could emerging technology transform the way get things done 5-10 years in the future? Watch Kat, a young independent marine biologist, and Lola, a corporate executive, work together in a highly interconnected and information rich future”

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Surface Hub

Meet Microsoft Surface Hub, the powerful team collaboration device designed to advance the way people naturally work together. And somehow now, Apple is the boring company with the old technology and the ancient user interfaces! I like this twist of the story! Do you?

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Microsoft PixelSense

“Microsoft PixelSense technology enables the Samsung SUR40 to recognize fingers, hands and objects placed on the screen, enabling vision-based interaction without the use of cameras. The individual pixels in the display see what’s touching the screen and that information is immediately processed and interpreted”. To learn more have a look here

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The future of tug bridge controls

“Rolls-Royce created this concept under FIMECC (Finnish Metals and Engineering Competence Cluster) user experience and usability program, UXUS. This future bridge operation concept for tugs is envisioned together with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architecture in 2012-2013”

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Car UI: How to safely interact with your car

This is a nice concept about how to safely control you car infotainment system (a fancy word for information and entertainment car systems adopted by the automotive industry). It is based on touch screens and simplistic tablet user interfaces. For now it looks extremely abstract but on the other hand this is a feature as well! The creator of this concept says: “I propose a new mode that can be invoked at any time: It clears the entire screen of those tiny, intangible control elements and makes way for big, forgiving gestures that can be performed anywhere. In place of the lost tactile feedback, the interface leverages the driver’s muscle memory to ensure their ability to control crucial features without taking their eyes off the road”

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