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Amazing Engineering

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Audi RS6

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Faster than a Racecar

Why a vacuum cleaner video is interesting for me? Because it shows so much technology and engineering in just 90 seconds! Its all about the Dyson DC59 cleaner and how it is working so efficiently. I am always enjoying Dyson YouTube videos because almost all they are sharing the same format. A combination of technology and close up photos/animation that will produce the wow factor at the costumer side. And probably this formula is working perfectly!

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Energy F1 Engine

Well, this is just a Formula 1 engine! It is from Renault and is going to be used for the next seasons championship. I am not going to speak about performance figures and technology behind it and the amount of time/money it needs to R&D one of those things. You can easily find those on the net. The only thing I am going to say is that from the time the engineers and technicians put this on a car, the driver will feel many types of pleasures! But come on! It looks amazing like that as well. Even without the car! I can easily have on of those, exactly like it’s in the photo, in my living room! No problem at all! Shiny metal, crafted carbon fibber, perfect curves matched with rough angles and respect. Huge respect for the R&D team that can make something so powerful and beautiful together! So please, can anyone buy me one of those? Please, please… I will give him a big hug!

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Dyson engineers reveal R&D insights

I was surfing the web and I just found, on the Dyson’s YouTube channel, something that triggered my mind despite my first thoughts that I am going to see a boring video just out from the marketing department! The result? It is amazing how much engineering is behind a vacuum cleaner. Basically is a short length video describing the problems and engineering solutions during the R&D process of a new Dyson model. Lots of electronics and mechanical parts in this…

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