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An Introduction to Testing

“Testing every component of the spaceship to ensure we fully understand strength and durability is a major ongoing work stream consisting of many thousands of small and large scale tests. In our latest film, Vice President of Safety & Test, Todd Ericson, explores this work and its place in the meticulous preparation and complex array of tasks that must be completed before our new spaceship takes to the air for the first time”

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Google Science Fair 2015

The 2015 Google Science Fair has now launched! Sign up now at https://www.googlesciencefair.com for your chance to win a tour of Virgin Galactic.

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Inovation leading to our Destiny

After the second deadly accident couple of weeks ago (at least as far as I know), Virgin Galactic is trying to reposition themselves on the media! And this is great for a company like them. So, they released two videos showing what are they doing! Their innovations and achievement! Following of their goal the reason why the continued exploration of space is so important to the future of mankind. Because is our destiny!

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We have Ignition

This a Virgin Galactic’s NewtonOne rocket engine that fires during a test. Those enginees have been designed for use on Virgin Galactic’s two-stage LauncherOne rocket. It is destined to carry satellites into orbit from the WhiteKnightTwo carrier airplane starting as early as 2016

In the above photo, propulsion engineer Robyn Ringuette shows off models of the NewtonTwo and NewtonOne engines at a Virgin Galactic production facility in Mojave, Calif

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Virgin Galactic’s Third Powered Flight

On the 10th of January 2014, Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo completed it’s third powered test flight. In command on the flight deck for the first time under rocket power was Virgin Galactic’s Chief Pilot Dave Mackay.

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Virgin Galactic – SPACESHIPTWO

If this is not a beautiful picture then what is it? It compines everything! Airplanes, Engineering, Passion, Space, Mechanics, Science, Craftsmanship, Power… Hope!

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