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Instrument de Marine Collection

Aviation is a passion at Bell & Ross, and reinterpreting on-board instruments, its guiding force. The
iconic BR 01 watch took its inspiration from the clock in an aircraft cockpit. With its latest collection of
Marine Instruments, the watchmaking firm is temporarily leaving runways, radars and fighter planes

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By adopting the distinctive design features of this iconic fighter aircraft, the BR 03-94 Rafale asserts a strong identity from the very first glance. The stealthy matte black ceramic case is a reference to the anti-reflective tints of instrument panels in aeroplane cockpits. Rafale’s characteristic colour adorns the dial: a monochrome camouflage grey. The typography of the numerals subtly recalls that of the registration numbers that feature on the plane’s fuselage. The hands used for the chronograph functions are distinguished by orange tips (in aviation, this is the colour of essential features and test flights), which offer excellent legibility.

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