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Marc Newson: Designing Watches

Industrial designer Marc Newson is really famous among the watch designer! Recently he joined Apple and probably it means a lot about the future of wearables for this company!

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A Commercial to get Inspired

A wonderfully made video from Aston Martin and Bang & Olufsen! The funny thing is that includes multiple items and ideas that I love!

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Baselworld 2014: Bell & Ross

You know that I love Bell & Ross! Those are my favourite watches and probably I will never own one as they are ridiculous expensive for a watch! But on the other hand quality craftsmanship and hand made stuffs come with a price. So… this is a video from the latest Baselworld in Switzerland and the video description says: “For those who could not join us at Baselworld, explore the Bell & Ross booth and discover the main 2014 novelties”

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Making a Dial: Franck Muller

A detailed video about watchmaking and specifically the making process of a dial. It is from the well known (and highly expensive) Swiss manufacturer Frank Muller. Now I understand why those watches and chronographs are so ridiculously expensive! But even now that I showed my appreciation I still can’t own one!

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TAG Heuer Manufacture

It needs very precise work to make a chronograph and this video proves it! It is from the Swiss manufacturer TAG Heuer and shows the entire process of creation. From the idea and the first hand draws to the raw materials and the detailed craftsmanship.

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True Icons are Rare, Together They Are Unique

True icons are rare, together they are truly unique! Nice title right? Aston Martin and Jaeger-LeCoultre celebrate their enduring partnership and they produced this inspiring video. They share common values of integrity, great spirit of innovation and quality manufacturing (I will personally say). It seams that the two brands have come together in the 1920s and now they are renewing their historical ties

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Hublot and Ferrari

It is not the first time that Hublot and Ferrari are joining their forces to produce nice concept – limited edition watches. Hublot designed couple of these masterpieces over the last years and every one of them are pieces that demand admiration. This one is inspired from the latest Ferrari hyper-car, LaFerrari (an amazing car with the stupidest name ever). It is not the most beautiful nor has the prestige of the previous ones but for sure is the most mechanical complicated of them all!

It is 100% designed, developed and produced by the Hublot Manufacture engineers and watchmakers of this well known Swiss company. Only 50 will produced. It is made from 637 individual parts, the black coating is made for titanium and because of the tourbillion mechanism the look is like a V shaped car engine.

At least the photos is food for the eye! Otherwise, the watch probably will have a market value comparable with the car is inspired from. And that means a lot…

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Bell and Ross Aviation Collection

I love expensive items and especially watches! Of course, I cannot even thing of buying on of those as the cost it is at the 4 digit range and for a watch is extremely high for me! But despite that I can still admire the design, simplicity and perfection of the most favourable watch brand of mine. Bell and Ross! They just has updated their venerable Aviation Collection watches with three new pieces honoring the aircraft of yesteryear. The Airspeed, Climb and Heading watches, inspired by three common dials from inside the cockpit (out of the six main instruments that you want to visually fly a plane). All of them look amazing and sadly enough they are going to make only 999 pieces. Well, enjoy the picture!!!

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MB&F HM4 Thunderbolt Watch

Even from the first glimpse at this masterpiece you can realise that is inspired from aviation. It looks like the ends of the twin engine fighter jets and it is sleek, aerodynamic and basically brilliant! You can find one of those under the name HM4 Thunderbolt and is a watch from MB&F. Of course, probably you can’t buy one as it was a limited edition version and it is already gone from the market. And even if you manage to find one probably it cost the same as an expensive family car… or even more!

And as they are saying at their official web page “The Thunderbolt’s engine is the culmination of three long years of development. Each of the 300-plus components – including the regulator and even the screws – was developed specifically for this anarchistic calibre. Horizontally configured dual mainspring barrels drive two vertical gear trains, transferring power to the twin pods indicating hours/minutes and power reserve”

Yes! I really really really want one!!! But probably I should sell my house for one of these… so not a very good idea

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Super Factories: Breitling

Breitling is one of my favourite watch making companies located in Switzerland. It is not only because of the fine engineering and precise craftsmanship but also because they are highly connected with aviation. In this episode of Super Factories we have a look inside this timekeeping factory

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