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The story of two moonshots

Loon and Wing: the story of two moonshots! Captain of Moonshots, Astro Teller, looks back at Loon and Wing’s journeys while at X

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Deploy the Wing

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So much engineering here

It’s just the rear wing of a McLaren car but there is so much engineering in here! It can contract and expand according to the driver needs, the speed of the car and the external conditions (weather and road ones). It is not amazing just from the mechanical side of view but also from the sensors and electronics that are controlling it. And on top of all of those, the rear carbon fiber diffuser together with the polygonal shape exhaust are making a beautiful combination that worth the admiration! Yeah, more engineering porn here!

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Better Wings for a Better Planet

Improving fuel efficiency, even by one percent, on the world’s most popular plane makes a huge difference. This is the story that drives this Boeings concept design! After achieving success with the first 737 winglet, the engineering team was challenged with finding ways to make the 737 MAX even more efficient. More about how Boeing innovates at: www.boeing.com/stories/videos.html

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